What I’m Reading in February, Organized by Mood.

Hi everyone,
As some of you who know me might already know, I am a very disorganized mood reader. I tend to pick up and put down books on a whim. So, naturally, there comes a point in the month where I have to start wrapping up the books I am currently reading. So this is a list of the books which I have started this month and that I would like to wrap up before the month ends. Along with some thoughts, of course. Enjoy!

For when I’m staying up late and want to escape the world:

Shadow and Bone

Author: Leigh Bardugo
Genre: YA Fantasy
Format: Physical Book

Goodreads synopsis

Thoughts so far: I recently got a copy of King of Scars so naturally that meant I had to catch up on the entire Grishaverse. I’ve heard that the Shadow and Bone trilogy is not her best work, but I’m actually really enjoying this first book. My guilty pleasure is currently cheesy YA Fantasy and this is just that. The world building is really cool and intriguing so far and I love how she has personified darkness into a villain. However, I don’t particularly like Mal, and I’ve heard rumors of a prominent love triangle in the plot. So we’ll see how that plays out. So far, the first half of the book has been a lot of fun!

The Devil’s Thief

Author: Lisa Maxwell
Genre: YA Fantasy/ Historical Fiction
Format: Physical Book

Goodreads synopsis

Thoughts so far: This is the second book in The Last Magician series, and I’ve loved this series SO much. I’m currently about halfway through this 700-page giant and I really want to binge read what’s left, so I’m waiting for a free day I can dedicate to it. This series incorporates my favorite trope of all – time travel- in none other than New York City at the turn of the century. This series, the second book, in particular, is incredibly fast-paced. The plot twists and one-liners keep you on your toes and it is overall such a fun time I can’t wait to see how it ends.


Author: Robert Jackson Bennett
Genre: Fantasy
Format: Physical Book

Goodreads synopsis

Thoughts so far: I am only a few pages into this so I’m still getting used to the world and the magic system. So far I am amazed at the humor in this book, it’s so entertaining. Also, I heard there was an LGBT love interest and I am here for it.

For when I’m feeling productive and want to do my assigned readings:

Nocturno de Chile

(English: By Night in Chile)

Author: Roberto Bolaño
Genre: Fiction
Format: Physical Book

Goodreads synopsis

Thoughts so far: The word I would use to describe this novel is “dreamlike.” The whole book is told in two paragraphs, the first is 150 pages long, the second contains only seven words. I’m reading this for a class on Pinochet’s dictatorship in Chile, and it is so interesting to see how Chilean art, literature, and culture deals with the trauma of memory. Would highly recommend if you are interested in that particular moment in history.

Lunar Braceros

Authors: Rosaura Sánchez, Beatrice Pita
Genre: Science Fiction
Format: E-Book

Goodreads synopsis

Thoughts so far: This is another book that I briefly started for my thesis and I am not that far into… yet. It is a sci-fi novel that plays on the bracero immigration program that took place between the US and Mexico in the 1950s. So far it has been a lot of talk about politics and the logistics of the program between the earth workers and the moon program.

For all the little moments in between when I want to lift my spirits

When You Find Out the World is Against You

Author: Kelly Oxford
Genre: Memoir
Format: Audiobook

Goodreads synopsis

Thoughts so far: This has been by far one of my favorite books of the year. I am listening to it on audiobook whenever I commute and it is such a funny and uplifting book. The whole book is a memoir of embarrassing and awkward stories. However, they are so well written and relatable that it will make you smile, cringe, and laugh out loud in a subway full of strangers.

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