A little about me…

Hello there!

My name is Renée, and I am the twenty-something, New York-dwelling bookworm behind this blog!

During the day I am a student, currently working towards my Master of Public Health title at Columbia University. I wanted to use this website as a resource for all those who are interested in community health. Here you can hopefully find a list of reviews and recommendations for fiction and non-fiction public health reads.

In my experience, one of the most challenging parts of starting a career in public health is understanding the many narratives of a community. Whether it be stories of income inequality or the opioid epidemic or issues around the globe. Therefore, I hope I can create a little list where you can find reliable and interesting narratives from different demographics.

I want to provide a platform where we can discuss the health narratives of fiction and non-fiction books alike. Comparing them to existing scientific literature and providing a different perspective through which to view your current reads.

Of course, there are many other just-for-fun reads and blog posts! I love fantasy, fiction, and I am trying to read more classics. I hope you enjoy my thoughts on them and feel free to comment any of your own experiences reading these works. I’d love to know what you think!

Thank you, kindly, for being here.

With love,


Instagram: @citygirlreads

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